Our team

Jan Kusy

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Technical brain of the operation, he does the coding. Loves cars, gym and burgers.


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The most important member of our team, no further explanation needed.

Aneta Pazderkova

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The creative one. Loves chlebíčky and jigsaw puzzles.


The story

The idea to make our first mobile game was quite spontaneous. Something like this:

Aneta: "I finished all escape games I found on AppStore and now I don't know what to do. Probably creating one by myself."

Jan: "OK why not let's do it."

... and that was it. 


So we started to work on our first baby - Trippy escape: Mindeater. Many many evenings spend in the name of learning Unity, drawing, coding, coding, drawing and coding even more. After almost a year (our lazy asses took a 6 month break in the middle), here we are. Finally releasing this game you can finish in approx. 30 minutes.

But hey, you always have to start somewhere, right?


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